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20 balls garland

A bright idea, by GuirlandeMagic

Light garlands dress your house's room with an exotic touch, and create a felted ambiance with their soft brightness.
Placed in a vase, hung along a wall, as a bedhead, or disposed on a table, the light garland is always welcome.
Available in multiple colors, light garlands come in an unlimited range, according to your desires!

Galerie photo des guirlandes lumineuses de déco

From more than 2 meters to more than 12 meters, depending on models, our garlands are handmade. Small led bulb lights, on which you will put the hand-weaved cotton balls of the colors you've chosen, are placed regularly along the cable.
Discrete and pleasant to the eye, our garlands' wire is transparent.

Thus dressed in its light clothes, the garland allows to create a wonderful and fairy atmosphere.
With our wide range of colors, you can create a unique and custom-made light that will perfectly fit into your decor.
Matching you painting, your curtains or your cushions, in a child's bedroom, in parents' bedroom, or in a living room, it will do wonders!

Don't hesitate to do a little point of matching colors when ordering a light tree or a light ball with similar hue.
And if you which to change decor, you juste have to change the color balls for new ones, and a brand new creation magically appears before your eyes!

This bucolic looking light will find its place in every room of your house!

But nothing beats an image proof, so take a look at our photo gallery, you will find hundreds of creations from our happy customers!
And once you received yours, don't hesitate to send us a little picture.

20 balls garland

LED light bulbs
7 cm diameter balls
Length : 2,30 m
Weight : ~190 gr.
Gap between LEDs : 12 cm
Wire color : transparent
Power supply : 2 m long cable, with on/off switch